[tɪdʒszaɪtʃ] → day time clock

The upper hemisphere represents daylight. Based on your current location and date. The lower half represents the night. The red dot represents the position of the sun in relation to the horizon. You can see relatively how far into the the day or night you are now or how far away you are from the next sunrise.

Tageszeituhr or day time clock is an experimental timepiece that gives a approximate feeling of how much time is past and left of the current day or night. Precise time planning leads to a lot of stress and increases the pressure to perform. This watch is inspired by our biological inner clock and is intended to reduce hecticness and stress points in our daily life. It conveys a deeper, more natural sense of time in harmony with the position of the sun.

Your browser may ask for permission to get your location. By default the day starts at 06:22 a.m. and ends at 06:22 p.m. The exact time for sunset and sunrise is updated daily at 00:00:22 a.m.